MUTHAYAMMAL POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE - Entrepreneurship Development Cell


Entrepreneurship is a key element of industrialization and economic progress. Entrepreneurs are expected to play vital role in the process of development by introducing innovations and demonstrating leadership qualities in the dynamic situation. Entrepreneurship has been found as a low cost and long - term strategy for ensuring supply of right kind of entrepreneurs in the economy to sustain the development tempo. Educating and training people for developing entrepreneurial capabilities through positive training interventions is the core strategy of theEntrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)

Activities of Cell

•To motivate students to undergo Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP), skill development training and enhance self employment opportunities.

•To organize seminars/ guest lectures / workshops/ industrial visits.

•To transfer the technical know-how and assist the students in setting up entrepreneurial enterprises.

•To identify the areas that are of importance to the people of Haryana in general and Gurgaon in particular in fostering Entrepreneurship and bringing down the attrition rate of qualified Science & Technology students from taking employment outside the state.

•Program on Financial assistance and Sources of institutional assistance to entrepreneurs.

•Carrying out study to find out the entrepreneurial potential of region in selected industries.


1. J.JEGAN HOD / civil.

2. S. NARMATHA sr.lecturer / civil.