About NSS

National Service Scheme Popularly known as N.S.S., the most powerful organization with a view to promoting Social consciousness of the students and to channels their unbounded energy and creative ability towards constructive work. It provides them with an opportunity to put their education to concrete use and in the process to improve and upgrade their capabilities and a sense of responsibility as well as a sense discipline and dignity of labor among students.

Muthayammal Polytechnic College the pioneer Institution plays a prominent role not only in producing the Technologists but also in including energetic Engineering Youths into various types of social work.

Muthayammal Polytechnic College has a unique distinction of having three NSS (National Service Scheme) Unit covering a student strength of 300 taking up technically relevant and community need based programmes like Domestic Electrical Repairs /Electrical Wiring / Repairing Of Hand Water Pumps, Computer Courses, Tailoring Course, Two Wheeler Servicing, Construction Of Basement To Hand Water Pumps And Low Cost Toilet Etc.

As this Institution has got fully developed, the management conceived the idea of extending the service to the community, so as to effect transfer of technology to the rural areas to meet the felt needs of the community by utilizing the technical knowledge, expertise and resources of the institution. In this context the requisition made by this polytechnic college for the N.S.S units was favorable sanctioned. The N.S.S. units of this polytechnic college have been doing excellent works by taking up socially useful projects like eradication of illiteracy, prevention of health hazards, Planting of trees, laying of roads, cleaning works to our adopted villages, white washing and other community development activities.

N.S.S special camping programs are conducted at the following villages in which Backward community people populated most in our taluk.

S.No Villages Year
1 Koonavelampatty Pudur 1988-1989
2 Koonavelampatty Pudur 1989-1990
3 Koonavelampatty Pudur 1990-1991
4 Pudupalayam 1991-1992
5 Muthukalipatty 1992-1993
6 Singalandapuram 1993-1994
7 Ariyagoundampatty 1994-1995
8 Komarapalayam(Inter Poly.Campus) 1996-1997
9 Muthayammal Polytechnic campus 1997-1998
10 Vadugam 1998-1999
11 Pattanam 1999-2000
12 P.Muniyappanpalayam 2000-2001
13 R.Pudupalayam 2001-2002
14 R.Pudupatti 2002-2003
15 Vadugam 2003-2004
16 Atthanur 2004-2005
17 Tho. Jedarpalayam, Prerumagoundampalayam, Velampalayam 2005-2006
18 Tho. Jedarpalayam, Prerumagoundampalayam, Velampalayam 2006-2007
19 Namgiripettai, Velkkalpatti, R.Pudhupatti 2007-2008
20 Namgiripettai, Velkkalpatti, R.Pudhupatti 2008-2009
21 Vadugam, Malaiyamppatty, Iayampalayam 2009–2010
22 Vadugam, Malaiyamppatty, Pudhuvalzvu 2010–2011
23 Vadugam, Malaiyamppatty, Pudhuvalzvu 2011–2012
24 Pachudayampalayam, Kullandikadu, Oosakaraiyan Outru 2012–2013
25 Pachudayampalayam, Kullandikadu, Oosakaraiyan Outru 2013–2014

During the special camping programmes the lists of works are carried out by an N.S.S units are:

1. Laying of roads.

2. Cleaning of environment.

3. Giving services to service electrical components like fan, iron boxes & residential wiring etc.,

4. Way of utilizing the resources available.

5. Plumbing work and servicing of water pumps.

6. Temple reconstruction works.

7. White washing the public schools and temples.

8. Tree plantation works.

9. Training an economical usage of water & sewage lines forming.

10. Irrigation methods and purposes.

11. Conducting dramas and competitions on stages to remove the social evils among the public to know the aspects of AIDS and to eradicate fear among the people on various fields.

12. Program to bring co-ordination among the people to achieve their goals in a constructive manner.

13. Literary works.

14. Bringing the harmony among youth.

15. Free Medical Camp

16. Road Safety and traffic control awareness Programme.

17. Fire safety Awareness Programme

18. World Consumer Day Awareness Programme

19. Career Guidance Programme

20. Awareness creation programmes in Blood donation and consumer protection.


1. K.ARUNPRASAD, Sr.Lecturer chemistry.

2. P.GUNAVATHY, Sr.Lecturer English.