About RRC

MUTHAYAMMAL POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE the pioneer Institution plays a prominent role not only in producing the Technologists but also in including energetic Engineering Youths into various types of social work.

As this Institution has got fully developed, the management conceived the idea of extending the service to the community, so as to effect transfer of technology to the rural areas to meet the felt needs of the community by utilizing the technical knowledge, expertise and resources of the institution. In this context the requisition made by this polytechnic college for the N.S.S units was favorable sanctioned. The N.S.S. units of this polytechnic college have been doing excellent works by taking up socially useful projects like eradication of illiteracy, prevention of health hazards, Planting of trees, laying of roads, cleaning works to our adopted villages, white washing and other community development activities.

Main Objectives

To increase the knowledge and skills among college going students to prevent themselves from HIV/AIDS
The program mainly focuses on the following:

• Abstaining from sexual activity as the most effective and only certain way to avoid HIV infection.

• The importance of abstinence in eliminating the risk of HIV transmission among unmarried individuals.

• The decision of unmarried individuals to delay sexual debut until marriage.

• The adoption of social and community norms that support delaying sex until marriage and that denounce cross- generational sex, rape and other forced sexual activity.


1. K.ARUNPRASAD, Sr.Lecturer chemistry.